Spiritual Empowerment by Denise

Denise’s trust and belief in the need for ‘personal wellness and clarity works with The Healing Hut UK and adds to the services available. 


She is an Intuitive Reader, offering guidance (working with her intuition, psychically and mediumistic-ally), using crystals and cards as guided by Spirit, Denise connects with our client’s energy and psyche, as well as with those that have passed over who wish to reconnect with loved ones and help guide them.


Denise also works with clients as a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, helping others understand how they wish to GROW. 


Working with Spirit, Denise helps clients identify their goals, understand their reality and work on the development of themselves and their vision/dreams.


Denise is passionate about and a strong advocate for the benefits of crystals in both understanding people’s needs (using them in her readings) but also about the benefits and healing we can receive from them.  Crystals have different qualities, meanings and connections with different people. 


Her passion for the crystals comes through in all her work for and with clients.

About Denise

From an early age, Denise has been intuitive and an empath, sensing the energy, emotions and needs of others.

Through her life there have been many ‘life lesson’s’ that have gifted her with the ability to understand, relate to and support people with their emotions, reactions to the experiences life throws at us and also to share comfort and clarity that is needed.

Denise offers her therapies through both The Healing Hut in Church Crookham, and Ruscombe, Berkshire.  To book, simply contact Denise x

Intuitive Reading


Connecting with your energy, working psychically and using mediumship, a reading can offer you clarity about your past, present and future.

I work intuitively so readings can be psychic, mediumship or a mixture of both and I use cards and crystals as guided to.

​​Personal Empowerment Coaching


When you realise it is time to take steps to clear past emotion, to understand who you are in the here and now, embrace your true self and start to work on living the life that makes you happy, it is time to take control and create your future.

Coaching is an ongoing commitment and helps you realise your goals by identifying action points and ensuring your own accountability for the future you desire.

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