June is Professional Health and Wellness Month

Treat yourself or your employees to pampering wellness products from

The Healing Hut.

We are offering 50% off online for everyone with code WELLNESS50 for the whole of June.

June is the time to celebrate health and wellness. At the Healing Hut we are so grateful for all the hard working people out there. Its important to acknowledge Wellbeing its been a tough year for all of us in everyday life. Especially for NHS and front line staff, teachers and self employed. Even stay at home parents or new mums deserve a shout out too as we all work extremely hard.

Wellbeing month is celebrated in the workplace in June and is a time for employers to showcase how they help create healthier, happier employees. Junes Wellness month serves as a reminder of how organizations that invest in the well-being of their employees benefit from a more productive, engaged workforce and a captivating company culture by celebrating the goodness in wellbeing. Wellness can be practiced in the office and working from home.

Eating well, exercising, and focusing on our overall health makes us feel good about ourselves and makes us more productive at work and at home– and research has confirmed this for years. When employees live healthier lives, they increase their worth in the marketplace, add value to the company, and become more productive workers.

So not only will we be offering wellbeing hampers for companies that can be personalised for your staff, this month we are also offering 50% off our website for everyone in June to encourage wellbeing.

Code at checkout online www.thehealinghutuk.co.uk WELLNESS50

*Please feel free to message if any questions happy to help love and light Claire x

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