“Cracking coconut” was what my postman said to me today.

He was talking about the bottle of the Coconut Hand Sanitiser I’d given him when I’d taken delivery of my new Coconut range. In these COVID-19 times I wanted him to be safe as he went about his rounds.

The Sanitiser contains Coconut and Argan oils and platinum flakes and has an alcohol content of over 60% as per government guidelines.

Postie said he’s been using it every day and loves the coconut scent, the fact that it’s long-lasting and doesn’t dry out his hands.


My new Coconut range has just the right amount of coconut balanced with almond, vanilla, lavender that smell delicious and are beautifully moisturising for the skin. The range includes Coconut and Almond body wash and hand wash, a Coconut, Vanilla and Coffee Body Scrub to exfoliate skin, eliminate cellulite and leave skin looking fresh and smooth and a Coconut Dream Body Butter to moisturise skin.

At a time when we can’t go and have treatments, these products are wonderful for giving yourself a home spa treat.

Keep calm and carry on.

Claire x

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