New Moon Rituals

A new moon is a time to set intentions and launch new projects. New moons happen once a month and signify the beginning of a new cycle you can think of them as a reset button.

The new moon is an ideal time to focus on your goals and set intentions, these things will develop as the moon moves in towards full moon phase.

Connecting to the moon’s energies provide a sense of calm, grounding and gives a sense of direction.

Setting an intention is like drawing a map of where you wish to go- it becomes the driving force behind your goals and visions. Without an intention there is no direction, there is no map.

Working with the moon’s energy is so important for the mind, body and soul. At The Healing Hut I believe in the energies of the moon has the closet astronomical body to earth and has a profound effect on us. Our moods and decisions and the paths we take. The moon represents the feminine, emotional and creative aspects of our lives so on a new moon and full moon it’s a perfect time to check in with ourselves.

Recommended by The Healing Hut for a full moon ritual:

What you will need:

  • Pencil

  • Journal

  • Paper

  • Matches

  • Candle

  • Palo Santo

  • Crystals

We offer all these in our Wellbeing range.

The Ritual:

A new moon symbolises a new cycle and provides new possibilities. Time to set intensions for what you want to bring into your life.

  1. Clear your space by using Palo Santo known for its cleansing properties.

  2. Create space by shutting the door turning lights down low, lighting a candle and clearing your thoughts for the day. Take a few deep breaths. Relax.

  3. Have a journal and a pencil and give yourself time to think about what’s going on with you right now, worries or thoughts, how are you feeling? Where feels blocked and where feels free? This can be aches and pains, worry, stress and frustration. What also makes you happy and where you want to be, how you want to feel.

  4. Start writing 10 things that make you a better person or has improved your life, what you are grateful for. Its best to start with the positive list to see everything that you love in your life.

  5. Write down your visions, what would you like in your life or to achieve? How do you want to feel? You may feel you need more self-love? You may want a new career whatever you feel write them down.

  6. Now it’s time to write down what you want to release this can be anything from a negative emotion or being worried about money and finances or worry from a negative person in your life that’s upsetting you. You can write down as many as you need to.

  7. With your vision in mind what would you like to work for you in your life? Do you have a new business, do you want more clients? Are you wanting to find love? Do you want financial stability? Do you want self-confidence? Maybe a calmer life? Maybe more space to breathe?

  8. Lastly end by writing down a word of the year this isn’t a goal this is a word to stick to and represents what you want. It can be anything:



It’s a word to stick with you in your journey ahead.

If you want to move further you can burn it all, I like to write in my journal and on a separate piece of paper.

I say out loud what I want to release and then I burn this paper and say, “be gone” and so it is as I burn it.

I set affirmations like “I am strong” affirmations strengthen us and touches the subconscious brain to believe the truth and in doing this you make a declaration to yourself and the universe.

It’s also nice to take a bath after writing your rituals, a nice salt bath helps you relax and reflect on the things you have written and want to release and the life you want for yourself.

Bathing in Himalayan salt water is a very powerful cleansing ritual, and we have Himalayan salt products at The Healing Hut.

These rituals are beautiful ways to manifest and release anything getting you down.

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