PETA's 40th anniversary, Donation from The Healing Hut

Updated: Feb 4

The Healing Hut support PETA with monthly donations and are very proud to be asked to donate a prize for this amazing event PETA'S 40th year Anniversary,

PETA has been working harder than ever for animals in 2020—and have got the star-studded 40th anniversary extravaganza to prove it! To celebrate their many animal rights victories and honor some of the celebrities who helped make them happen, they invited people around the world to party with them from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Cohosted by longtime PETA pals Alan Cumming and Edie Falco, their virtual event was attended by thousands of supporters from dozens of countries around the world who celebrated 40 years of landmark victories for animals, including a shift in public opinion and the scientific community against animal testing, the shutdown of Ringling Bros. Circus, the skyrocketing interest in vegan food, and the demise of the fur, angora, and other skins industries.

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