The Healing Hut donates to Little Lifts UK

Updated: Feb 4

This week I packaged up a box of gifts to send to the wonderful charity Little Lifts UK

who package up and deliver gift boxes to women undergoing chemotherapy treatment for Breast Cancer in the areas of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Little Lifts is a charity very close to my heart, having gone through my mum's chemotherapy journey and learnt how the treatment can dry out your skin, make your lips sore and lead to problems with circulation.

I have donated The Healing Hut Lavender Cleanser, Lavender Toner, Coconut & Almond Body Wash and the Unscented Moisturiser, as these particular 100% natural, organic products are really beneficial to people with sensitive skin or sensitive to strong scents.

I love to donate to this charity as I think they do amazing work to give those women going through a tough time a 'little lift'. 💜

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