The Healing Hut's Mission and Ethos during Lockdown

Claire loves all things relating to wellbeing, and in 2018 a dream was born of creating a business that produced things for the wellbeing of our mind, body and soul.

The Healing Hut is a company that only uses the very best ingredients in its products, pure essential oils, crystals and a whole lot of positive energy.

This past year has been a tough one for everyone and The Healing Hut has had to undergo lots of changes too, we have evolved into something different something more powerful as now we can have positivity delivered to everyone’s homes in the form of products.

The Healing Hut salon had to close its doors not once but twice due to Covid-19 last year and Claire had to make the tough decision to give her beautiful barn that she rented up and close the doors to treatments and therapies. This was such a hard decision as it was something she enjoyed but also seeing clients meant a lot as holistic therapies is a huge part of Claire’s life.

However she has always believed that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and although she cannot see clients at the moment she has thrown all her energy into distant healing, charity work and to bring healing in the form of happiness from her products.

The Healing Hut hasn’t gone anywhere - we have just adapted to the here and now.

Claire now offers all her products and wellbeing online. There has been lots thrown in the midst to test her and her business, product delays, postage delays, but Claire is using these times to gain strength moving forward to keep the Healing Hut and its products available.

Claire works hard to provide to Charities and is driven by this and wants her customers to know that yes things have changed; but she is always here for her clients and hopes everyone loves her new way of thinking and that everyone loves the new products.

Letting people know you care, helping to get you through and focus on manifesting goals, pampering yourself to feel better in and after lockdown.

From skincare to wellbeing items the healing hut is there to help support you and your family and friends.

Claire hand picks items and all her products are gift wrapped beautifully. Items are sustainable and she only uses recycled packaging.

Claire supports animals with her cruelty free and vegan ethos and she also helps support the environment.

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