What's in The Healing Hut Wellbeing Box?

My Wellbeing range has been carefully put together to help with everyday life.

My Wellbeing boxes are handmade and arrive in a bespoke gift box, the perfect gift for yourself or to give to a special person.

Beautifully wrapped, Upon opening the packaging, there is a selection of little self care and feel-good gifts. A box of love to lift you up and help you feel happy and free.

Mindfulness is a big part of daily life and at The Healing Hut I believe in wellbeing for the mind, body and soul.

I came up with my wellbeing collection based on my experience working with my anxiety, health and through helping others.

We all have days we feel happy inspired and uplifted and days that we feel down, sad and drained of energy. The wellbeing range helps you celebrate the good days and work with the bad days it has everything you need:

  • The Crystal grid with hand picked crystals is a wonderful thing to use for reflection, the colours and energy of crystals are inspiring.

  • The lovely journal and branch pencil is to write down any thoughts, affirmations and worries.

  • A votive candle made from essential oils is there to burn and fill the air with aromatherapy scents, there is always something so relaxing about a candle.

  • Palo Santo and Sage is there to help cleanse your space.

  • There’s also a wish bracelet which Is a great thing to focus on when making a wish or setting a goal you are reminded everyday as its on your wrist.

I feel it is important to Set yourself goals, affirmations and clear space in your mind. What are your visions and dreams for the future? Sometimes things get forgotten like self care and hopes and dreams can get lost in worry of everyday life.

I have personally worked with all these things to help me move forward from grief, anxiety, worries and stress in my life. I have used all these things daily and they have helped me with confidence and growth in my life.

I wanted to put something together that can help other people overcome hurdles in their lives. When worries and problems get on top of you and when things keep going around in your head it is hard to stay focussed and to look forward.

These wellbeing boxes give you everything you need to clear your mind, give yourself time and cleanse negative energies.

You can do meditation with the votive candle and use the crystals, you can write down good and bad things happening in your life in the journal. You can use the sage and palo santo to cleanse negative energy’s and also embrace new energy.


If you would like to add a personal message for a gift, please use the message box on the website to let us know.

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