Which crystals should I choose?

At The Healing Hut we believe in the healing properties of crystals. For centuries and in all cultures crystals have been used to protect, heal and rebel negative energy.

Crystals were sacred and magical and used throughout time around the world.

Crystals have evolved from millions of years and withstood many a storm, coming from the ground we stand upon so much history.

Energy is around us all, everything we see and feel and crystals of the earth carry extraordinary energy and unique vibration.

Claire has trained in crystal therapy and has been using crystals for years, her love for crystals started as a child.

Working with the natural wisdom and vibration of crystals you can achieve many things, wisdom, guidance, healing, strength, protection and love.

Each crystal is chosen for its unique qualities.

The main crystals of The Healing Hut are:

Rose Quartz:

I chose this as it is the universal stone of love, self love, friendship and kindness. It is a stone of peace and purity.

It gently draws out negative energy and replaces with positive vibes.

Holding and working with rose quartz enhances positive thoughts and affirmations.


The crystal is a stone for calming the mind, it works with emotional, physical and spiritual planes.

I chose amethyst to promote peace, balance and calm and positive energy in your space.

Amethyst is the perfect stone to keep by your side, it can be next to your bed as helps with sleep, it helps clear the mind so good to have with you in the day can be carried in your bag.

Amethyst works well with lavender essential oil - both have lovely calming qualities.

Black Tourmaline:

I have chosen black tourmaline as it works well for grounding energy, protecting you or your space, it is great for meditation and grounding your energies to the earth.

It helps release negative thoughts or patterns and is great for protecting you or your home from negativity.

I use this for my crystal grids as great for connecting with all crystals but also is a wonderful protecting crystal bringing lovely light and energy to your home.

This crystal works well with frankincense essential oils and sage.

Using these items together are a wonderful way to help feel your best. Essential oils and crystals are both made from earths natural resources.

The Healing Hut’s choice of essential oils and crystals compliment each other to provide the best healing from around the world.

I’ve been playing around with crystals and essential oils for years and find that these pairings I have chosen are wonderful together and have found that when a crystal and essential oil have a similar energy they amplify each others ability to guide you and help you heal and grow.

For example; if your goal is to relax and calm anxiety or to get some sleep then lavender and amethyst are a wonderful pairing.

If your goal is for self love and to feel better in yourself then rose quartz and rose essential oil match they are both beautiful to look at and relate to but they both radiate warmth love and kindness and so these two are great together.

If you need to calm the mind from stress and anxiety and feel grounded then frankincense and black tourmaline works wonders together.

On our healing grids we also use clear quartz this is a crystal that expands the energy of any other crystals we like the quartz points as it magnifies the middle crystal.

You can use any essential oil with clear quartz it works as a master crystal it’s a great all rounder.

To release stress and to relax chose the amethyst crystal grid and lavender votive

Amethyst is a peaceful and relaxing crystal when mixed with lavender the healing energy amplifies.

It's nice to do a relaxing crystal meditation while candle is burning releasing lavender fragrance.

You can also use for a calming massage as our candles have massage oil for crystal infused calming mind and body:

To boost your confidence and for self love and happiness have a self love boost with our rose quartz healing grid, rose quartz and rose essential oils are a great pairing and rose oil can be diffused near rose quartz it releases love, compassion and kindness towards yourself and others:

To banish negative energy and create a happy home or environment the combination I would recommend is Black tourmaline and frankincense. This is energetic protection and so our healing grid black tourmaline helps protect your space and your energy.

The combination protects from bad vibes and helps to release built up stress and clears the air:

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