Affirmation Card Set

Affirmation Card Set

This set of Self-Love Positive Affirmation Cards includes 10 positive affirmations you can use time and time again, The Healing Hut affirmations are to help you overcome negative thoughts.


The more you practice these affirmations the more self-love, confident, resilient, and positive you will become.


Give yourself the love you deserve with these Self-Love Positive Affirmation Cards!


Positive Affirmations have been scientifically proven to work by helping you to overcome negative thoughts and low self esteem. The more you repeat these affirmations to yourself, the stronger you will become. You will gradually gain more self-confidence, increased resilience and have a much more positive outlook on life.

The Healing Hut pack of 10 cards have carefully written quotes and meaningful affirmations. They also feature beautiful designs which create happiness in the mind.


For a finishing touch, these cards come hand-tied in string and come in an elegant bag with a rose quartz crystal.


These cards are also nice for a gift for someone special.