Angel Caller

Angel Caller

Angel Callers, also known as Angel Whisperers, are pendant necklaces that hold a sound ball with a chime in the middle that can make various sounds when the pendant is swung. These chimes 'call' or 'whisper' as a way of communicating spiritually with your guardian angel.


A legend recalls how the soft tinkling sound of the ball, which is unique to each pendant, has the magical ability to summon the guardian angel of its wearer, protecting him or her and accompanying the wearer throughout his or her life.

These pendants are also known as Musical Bola and are worn by mums-to-be low on the belly, the baby experiences the special sound as soothing and calming.


Also used as a remembrance keepsake in memorandum of those who have passed.

This pendant has beautiful decoration which encases an angel/harmony ball.


Ball - 16mm diameter

Chain - 80cm length

Brass silver plated


Costume jewellery.


Angel Caller arrives in a handmade fabric gift bag with drawstring ribbon and information card.


    Choose between 4 designs of Angel Caller Pendants:

    • Angel Wings
    • Butterfly
    • Floral
    • Heart

    Also select your choice of Pink or Blue Ball within the pendant.

Ball Colour