English Lavender Room and Pillow Spray from The Healing Hut

English Lavender: Room Spray

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The English Lavender scent is most commonly known for its relaxing properties - whether it's a recipe for a good night's sleep, or a tonic for anxiety and stress, it helps reduce nerves and proves a great aid to helping you chill out.


So with the fresh English Lavender aroma infused our room & pillow sprays, - used for either massage or fragrance, the tensions and pressures of life will soon start to soothe.


Room fragrance will arrive in a glass bottle, which is boxed and inside a handmade drawstring fabric gift bag.


100 ml


    Remove lid and spray onto a patch test of fabric, once fabric is safe this item can be used on fabrics or spray into the room and enjoy the fragrance.

    Also great for bedlinen and sofas around the home.



    Made from organic plant based perfumers alcohol and infused pure fragranced oils*.

    * English Lavender Oil


    I absolutely love the Healing hut products, the Lavender Room Spray I use on my pillow for sleeping - it honestly knocks me out at night time it's so relaxing I love it!! 

    - C Hughs