Men's Skincare Box

Men's Skincare Box

SKU: 1015

This natural organic, vegan and cruelty-free mens skin skincare gift box contains the perfect luxurious pamper combination for mens faces to gently cleanse and nourish. 


The Men's Skincare Beauty Box will be beautifully packaged and will arrive containing:


  • Men's Cleanser (50 ml)
  • Men's Toner (50 ml)
  • Handmade cotton face pads
  • Handmade fabric drawstring bag


The Healing Hut Facial Cleanser & Toner are soft and luxurious for vibrant, healthy skin made with natural organic English Lavender, English Chamomile, and Sea Buckthorn.


The perfect gift for the man in your life!  If you would like to include a personal message in the gift, please use the comments box to let us know.