Rainbow Fluorite Hedgehog

Rainbow Fluorite Hedgehog

Fluorite is a highly protective crystal, it helps when you are under pressure or stressed. It is useful for grounding and harmonising energy. It wards off negative energies and promotes calmness and relaxation. Fluorite helps with anxiety and emotion.


 This little hedgehog is a lovely edition to your crystal collection or a sweet gift.


It is hand carved rainbow fluorite and holds beautiful energy for any home or workspace. This hedgehog brings happiness and joy. It comes in a lovely handmade fabric bag .


This is a great crystal for meditation, reiki and chakra work. It can be carried in your bag or pocket. You can also put it next to your bed it works wonders after a long day.



  • Handmade Fabric Gift Bag
  • Fluorite Hedgehog
  • Information Card



    Please note: Healing crystals are not replacement for traditional medical treatment, small keep out of reach of small children as choking hazard.

    Rainbow fluorite comes in different shades - no crystal is the same.