Room Spray: Serenity

Room Spray: Serenity

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Named Serenity because of the clear notes, and calming, floral tones of Roses, our Rose Geranium room & pillow spray can be used to relieve stress and anxieties.


Its perfume infuses the air with the sweetness of fresh flowers and hints of earthy scents, leaving you feeling uplifted and at ease.


100 ml


    Remove lid and spray onto a patch test of fabric, once fabric is safe this item can be used on fabrics or spray into the room and enjoy the fragrance.

    Also great for bedlinen and sofas around the home.


    Made from organic plant based perfumers alcohol and infused pure fragranced oils*.

    * Rose Geranium Oil


    I love my new Serenity Room Spray, it smells amazing!

    - L Charlotte.

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