Seeds Gift Card: Happiness

Seeds Gift Card: Happiness



Think of your affirmation as a seed that you want to grow into flowers. At the moment it is just a seed, you can barely see it, but soon you will, if you plant it, water it and let it grow. But you have to be patient and trust that it will work. Jot down your affirmations and repeat in your mind as in time you will grow.


Perfect for an eco-friendly GIFT FOR THOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILIES IN ISOLATION looking to have an activity or need cheering up.

The wildflower seeds can be planted in small pots as well for those without gardens. Sowing seeds helps you and helps the environment as the bees and butterflys love them.



Sow seeds of happiness, love and hope, it will all come back to you in abundance.


If you’re feeling down or just need to smile. Sow your seeds of happiness. Water them regularly and feel the energy of the earth. For you are giving back to nature, you are helping the butterfly’s and the bees and making the earth smile.


Sent within a Lavender Purple Baby Breath flower card: Means happiness joy and unity, honesty and respect.


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