Support with Anxiety: Crystal Bag

Support with Anxiety: Crystal Bag

This crystal pack has been designed to help you let go of all your anxiety and feel positivity and inner peace from within.


Created for relief of STRESS & ANXIETY.  Ideal for Meditation


Each beautiful healing stone set comes with 4 healing crystals in a handmade fabric bag. For anxiety and stress the set is made up of amethyst, clear quartz, sodalite, black tourmaline.

The stone for protection, it will shield you from all types of harm, ill wishes from others, and psychic attacks.  Feel your spiritual awareness energies strengthen. A good stone for meditation to promote healing of the body, mind, and soul. Amethyst brings forth balance and relieves stress.  With healing, you’ll sense a new feeling of positive transformations that you are looking for.

The “master healer” stone, it absorbs negative energy and stores it; then it releases and regulates it.  Good for balancing the mind, increased concentration, and promoting better memory.  The perfect stone to connect you to your higher self as it amplifies your energy and intentions.

Use this stone to absorb the negative energies of your other stones.

The stone for calming the mind, promotes emotional balance and rational thought.  Your thoughts will be more clear, increased intuition, and you’ll find it easier to communicate.  If there are any self-esteem issues, this stone will allow you to trust and accept yourself more, helping guide you to access your inner wisdom and inner knowing.

The stone for overall balance, a protection stone against negative energy.  This includes any negative thoughts running through the mind.  It increases your physical energy and enhances grounding.  If dealing with anxiety, this stone will keep you mindful and present in the moment by clearing your thoughts. enhances positive thinking and creativity.


    All information provided regarding the gemstone properties is metaphysical and not medical.  It is not meant to replace diagnosis, medicine, treatment or prescription.

    Please note this item is not to be used as a substitute for medical care or medicines. This is a complimentary therapy that works along side medical treatment.