Support with Epilepsy: Crystal Bag

Support with Epilepsy: Crystal Bag

Amethyst, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, and Black Tourmaline are a special combination of stones said to help ease the symptoms of epilepsy, including epileptic seizures.


Every Tumbled Crystal Set is individually packaged with 4 Genuine Crystal Gemstones specially chosen.  Handmade set for Epilepsy Healing & Intention.

Each stone is cleansed, smudged and charged with sage and palo santo . Each set comes packaged in its own handmade organic pouch to carry your stones, an information card that provides descriptions of the stones' meanings or purpose and a cleansing and charging instructions.

Store them by your bed, under a pillow, if you wish tuck them in your purse or your pocket. They are perfect for your spiritual or healing practice, gift giving, Feng shui, helping you on your spiritual journey and a great addition to any crystal enthusiast's collection. Each crystal is charged with positive, loving Reiki energy.



AMETHYST : This is a lovely calming crystal it helps to ease the symptoms of epilepsy and epileptic seizures.


RED JASPER: This is a grounding crystal and it helps to steady the system of your body.


LAPIS LAZULI: This crystal helps with the balance of the nervous system and brings a sense of peace.


BLACK TOURMALINE: Promotes tissue regeneration at cellular level, thus everting epilepsy. It is a protection stone.


    All information provided regarding the gemstone properties is metaphysical and not medical.  It is not meant to replace diagnosis, medicine, treatment or prescription.

    Please note this item is not to be used as a substitute for medical care or medicines. This is a complimentary therapy that works along side medical treatment.