Wellbeing Box: Rose Quartz

Wellbeing Box: Rose Quartz

Stunning Mandala Crystal Grid with Rose Quartz.


Stone of universal love, it brings inner peace and restores harmony and trust. Rose Quartz purifies and heals the heart chakra.


Promotes Love and self love.


This stunning Crystal Grid has been handmade, crafted from a slice of English Alder from an Alder wood tree.


Alder Wood encourages journeys, self confidence, bravery, and spiritual growth It features a central mandala bringing a true nature energy. The mandala symbol means circle and is a symbol of deeper connection with self and the universe.

It can be used as a focus for your daily meditation or as a visualisation or manifestation aid.


If you have some serious manifesting to do and are looking to lock in an intention, it's definitely worth exploring the magical world of crystal grids. By combining your goal with the spiritual power of sacred geometry and crystals, you can turn the energy behind your ambitions up a notch.


Whether your intention is focused on abundance and success, living your true purpose, finding peace and serenity, or maintaining protection and safety, this mandala is a grid to serve you.


Wellbeing Box includes:

  • Crystal Grid with white mandala
  • 9 x crystals including 1 x rose quartz and 8 x clear quartz
  • Journal & Pencil made from recycled materials
  • Palo Santo Bundle
  • Sage Bundle
  • Rose Quartz Wish Bracelet
  • Votive Candle: Rose Essential Oil (9cl, burns for 20 hours)


All beautifully wrapped and packaged.  If you would like to add a personal message for a gift, please use the message box.



    You would place 8 crystals around the outside and a central crystal, this set comes with a heart centre crystal and clear quartz points around the outside.

    You can add more crystals, flowers, leaves, seashells, pebbles, feathers anything you feel drawn to for extra energies.